Eli J. Segal Citizen Leadership Program

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Participate in the Segal Citizen Leadership Network

The Segal Network
The Segal Network is creating a community of citizen leaders, including men and women who have served as Segal Fellows at Brandeis and those who have been the recipients of awards and fellowships created in Eli’s honor at the Corporation for National and Community Service, the Center for Youth and Communities, AmeriCorps Alums and City Year. Annual meetings and other activities develop Fellows' skills and foster relationships that will expand their effectiveness at working for the common good. Our goal is to make the experience of being a Segal Fellow a recognized and valued credential – signifying important leadership qualities, significant developmental experiences, and the support of a network of talented people committed to each Fellow’s success. The Fellows are nurtured at first with the help of the Program’s Founders, each of whom will be considered an Honorary Fellow. After a few years, alumni will themselves provide a guiding hand to incoming Fellows – providing them an opportunity to give back by mentoring others in much the same way that Eli did for so many.

To participate in the Segal Network or to learn more please email segalnetwork@brandeis.edu.

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