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Fellow Spotlight

Welcome to our newest Segal Fellows

In February 2018, we were honored to welcome our newest Segal Fellows, the 2018 Brandeis/Heller Segal Fellow Cohort.

Learn more about these inspiring citizen leaders here.  Our new Fellows (bottom row, left to right) are: John Valinch (Heller MPP/MBA), Gabriel Fontes (Brandeis Junior), Edith Suárez (Heller MPP/MBA), Olivia Nichols (Brandeis Sophomore), Leila Quinn (Heller MPP/MBA), Justus Davis (Brandeis Junior, not pictured), and Madison Matthews (Brandeis Junior, not pictured).

New 2018 Brandeis Fellows with Phyllis Segal

Check out all of Fellows in the Fellows bio page!

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